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What an awesome song I love it! It's lyrics are real, honest, vulnerable and very relatable and I love it!. It's a very catchy song and melody and It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head from the first time you hear it and songs that do that are the best! Bravo Danielle Bradbery  for this amazing song! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and your other awesome songs/videos and thank you for sharing your many gifts with us your fans and your new fans that you continue to gain. Danielle, You truly are the best!  

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This is an awesome song Danielle Bradbery, and your performance of It is absolutely outstanding! Your voice Is beautiful and you're a phenomenal singer and artist. Your gifted talents your one of a kind craft and your Incredible artistry all speak for themselves! You're my favorite female singer and artist in country music! Keep doing what you're doing Danielle You're amazing and you're  the best and as a huge fan of yours since day I send best wishes and good vibes always!