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Nineteen-year-old Danielle Bradbery charmed her way into the national spotlight with her sweet, soulful sound and quintessential personality, winning season 4 of The Voice and seeing multiple performances reach #1 on the iTunes Country Singles chart. The youngest to ever take the title, coach Blake Shelton called Danielle, "the most important artist to ever walk across The Voice stage.” The Team Blake darling made surprise appearances on his TEN TIMES CRAZIER TOUR last Summer and previously opened for Brad Paisley's BEAT THIS WINTER TOUR and Hunter Hayes’ WE’RE NOT INVISIBLE TOUR. She most recently finished touring with Scotty McCreery’s on his SEE YOU TONIGHT TOUR and will be out this fall with Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldredge on CMT’s SUITS AND BOOTS TOUR. Danielle’s recent, DB Request Line, was a fan-voted initiative in which she released an acoustic cover song each week based on requests. The songs have garnered the attention of several of the original artists. Danielle’s self-titled debut album on Big Machine Records features the Top 15 lead single “The Heart of Dixie,” and follow-up “Young In America.” She has appeared on the CW’s Hart of Dixie, KATIE and ABC’s The View in addition to “My Day” being featured in NBC’s Sochi Winter Olympics campaign. Danielle is currently fulfilling her duties as spokesperson for Bobs by Skechers and was one of this year’s celebrity mentors in Acuvue’s 1-Day Contest, aimed at helping kids and teens gain the courage to live out their dreams. She has also joined forces with General Mills, Big Machine Label Group, and Feeding America in their Outnumber Hunger campaign to help fight hunger in local communities. To date more than 25 million meals have been secured with their efforts.
Follow Danielle's journey at DanielleBradbery.com.


Danielle Bradbery Self Titled Album


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